Our canteen at Allambie Heights Public School is called the Snack Shack.  The canteen is open five days of the week for over the counter service of recess and lunch ordering.  Your child can purchase a range of small snacks and frozen treats during counter service and online orders for specific items can be made as part of a recess or lunch order.

The canteen is staffed by volunteers and is managed by a dedicated Canteen Committee, which is a sub-committee of the Allambie Heights Public School P&C Association.  Lisa Burnette is our Canteen Manager who looks after the day to day running of the canteen, including rostering, ordering, canteen systems and process and menu development.  Volunteer parents, grandparents and carers prepare the lunches and serve over the counter at recess and lunch.


Menu access / how to order

Recess and Lunch ordering is online only.
To browse our online menu visit   Enter " Allambie Heights Public School" at the prompt " What's on at your school?"
Prior to ordering, you will need to set up an account with our provider, Flexischools.  Click on Register to begin setting up your account.  You will be asked to enter your email address.  Instructions to set up your account will then be emailed to you.
Registering enquiries and queries relating to Flexischools can be made on 1300 361 769.
Ordering tips
The cut off time for ordering is 9:00am on the day of the order.  If you do not order prior to cut off, you will need to sort out an alternative as canteen does not accept late orders, either handwritten or phoned in.
Please be aware that if you commence ordering too close to the cut off time, your order is likely to be bumped to the same day of the following week.
As orders can be scheduled well in advance – up to several weeks, to avoid a stressful morning we recommend you order at a less pressured time, such as the afternoon or evening prior, or even the previous weekend.
It is also possible to set up recurring orders.
Recess and Lunch orders must be done separately see button icons Order Recess and Order Lunch.
Tuesday lunches are ordered separately to the rest of the week so look out for the separate order icons for Tuesday ordering.
The remainder of the week can be ordered at the daily button icons.
When orders are not received on the Flexischool system at canteen it is usually because one of two things have happened:
1.    An order was placed too close to the cut off of 9:00am and was bumped to the same day on the              following week; or
2.    The order has been partly processed but the final step of "Place Order" has not been clicked.
Please remember there are 4 steps to ordering:
1.    Choose Recess or Lunch Service
2.    Add items you wish to order
3.    Check order
4.    Place order
We are a busy canteen, please assist us by taking a moment to check the following, particularly if you allow your children to order themselves:
1.   The order has been placed on the correct day (not the following week).
2.   You have completed Step 4 – Place Order.
3.   You have received a confirmation email.

Canteen communications & enquiries

AHPS Newsletter – Keeping up to date with information from the Snack Shack.
There is a "Canteen" section in The Grapevine our school newsletter.
The information contained in The Grapevine is important so please take the time to read so that your child does not miss out.
In The Grapevine you will be informed about:
  • New and changing menu items
  • Price changes
  • Stock updates
  • Meal Deal cut-offs
  • Open & Closure dates
  • Any changes to service
Dates will also be listed for which we are looking for volunteers.
Contacting Our Canteen Manager
Lisa can be contacted via the school office between 2:00pm and 3:00pm each day.
Alternatively, you can email her at
Lisa is unable to deal with "drop in" morning enquiries as this is a peak busy period in canteen.  There is a message book near the canteen entrance door for you to leave your contact details and message at that time for Lisa to deal with later in the day.
Menu Enquiries & Suggestions
Please submit any suggestions or enquiries to .  These will be discussed at a Canteen Committee meeting which take place regularly throughout the term.
Canteen Feedback form  (pdf 136 KB)

Your canteen

Two volunteer parents or carers are required each day to run at full service.  We aim to share the load across the school community by asking as many of you as possible to volunteer just once a term (for as little as between 2 - 4.5 hours).  We find this approach helpful as most, if not all, of our volunteers work at least part-time.
Please contact our volunteer parent roster co-ordinators at or on 0450 014 355 for more information.
No previous experience is necessary as our friendly Canteen Manager is on hand to guide you and "show you the ropes".


My internet is not working / my screen has frozen / my order is not going through.
These issues need to be addressed with your service provider or Flexischools and unfortunately cannot be resolved by the canteen.  We are not resourced to be able to process manual orders in person or by phone.
For questions relating to Flexischools contact 1300 361 769.
If your order is not successfully placed, you will need to make other arrangements (from home or the local shops).
To avoid any problems we recommend you do not attempt to order close to the cut off time of 9:00am.
Do I need to let canteen know if my child will no longer be at school for their lunch order or is going home early due to illness?
No, as we are unable to take calls or enquiries in canteen prior to 2:00pm.  See below if you would like to cancel an order.
How do I cancel an order if my child is unwell / will no longer be at school?
Log onto your Flexischool account any time up until approximately 8:30am on the day of order and cancel directly.  Your account will be automatically credited.
You will be unable to cancel directly once the Canteen Manager accesses the orders online and begins to print out the order labels – usually from about 8:30am each morning.
If this is the case, please TEXT your child's full name and class with the instruction "please cancel" to 0450 014 355 by 9:30am.  TIP:  save this lunch cancellation number into your phone now.  (This is not a contact for general canteen enquiries which should be made via the school office between 2:00pm and 3:00pm or by email at
We can then cancel your order at canteen before we start any food preparation and your account will be credited.
We offer this as a courtesy service and while we do our best to assist with cancellations and credits they cannot be guaranteed due to the busy nature of canteen.
My child was missing an item or given an incorrect item with their order.
No problem.  Once your child has spoken to his/her supervising lunch teacher they can come to the canteen with the labelled bag (as proof of purchase) so that we can provide or exchange.
Please keep in mind that we are staffed by volunteer parents, grandparents and carers who are experienced in a variety of environments, not necessarily in food preparation or canteens.  We are a busy canteen and sometimes mistakes are made.  We will happily rectify if they are brought to our attention on the day.
My child was missing their drink.
Drinks are separately labelled and placed in the class box (in addition to the lunch order which is in a labelled brown paper bag) – your child will need to look out for these two items.
Once the class box leaves the canteen we rely on teachers supervising the distribution of lunch and drink orders.
If your child is missing a drink they should first advise the supervising teacher who can help them check the other class boxes (in case of accidental packing) and ensure that somebody else has not inadvertently taken (misread the named label).
If the drink cannot be located your child will be sent to the canteen for a replacement.
Swapping Items / Changing Orders
Please choose carefully as we do not swap items for children in case the new item is not what is intended by the parent or carer who ordered.
If your order needs to be changed the best thing to do is to cancel and re-order before the required cut off.
Please do not phone the canteen to change or add additional items to existing orders.  We are not resourced to take calls during preparation for recess and lunch and service times.
Fruit Salad Cups v Frozen Fruit Cups
These are different items.  Please choose carefully.  One is a cup of freshly made fruit salad.  The other is a frozen juice treat.  We are unable to swap or exchange.
How does my child get their ordered frozen item?
At the end of the 15 minute supervised eating time a second lunch bell will sound.  The children are able to commence play and go to the canteen at this second bell.
Children line up in the usual way at the canteen and use their lunch bag (with labelled order) as proof of purchase to obtain their additional frozen item.
To assist, we circle the name of the kindergarten children in pink highlighter so they know they need to come to the canteen to collect an item.
How are Menu Items chosen?
When considering menu items and stock the Canteen Committee adhere to the principles set out by the NSW Government Healthy School Canteen policies.  For more information on these policies please visit
In addition to these principles, decisions are also based on things such as consistency of volunteer numbers, volume of orders and logistics such as supplier availability, freezer space and packaging and cost effective pricing.
What action should I take if my child has Allergies.
Please register the relevant details at the school office.  When ordering online for your child you should highlight the Allergy Alert option.  We do not use any nut products in the preparation of menu items in the canteen, however we do stock some packaged goods.  You may wish to make an appointment with the Canteen Manager to review these products to see if they are suitable for your child or discuss any concerns about allergies with Lisa.

Important information about anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction which may result in death.  Whilst peanut butter is a common trigger and is therefore not available in the canteen, many snack bars and other products contain peanuts and therefore to ban all such products in school is neither possible nor enforceable. We do however seek your support in, as far as possible, not sending peanut products as part of school lunches.  The most common allergens are: food (nuts, shellfish, fish, milk and egg); insects (bees wasps, jack jumper ants); medication (antibiotics, aspirin) and latex (rubber gloves, balloons, swimming caps).

Messages to students include:

  • Never share your food.
  • Take home what you don't eat.  This has a double benefit of helping parents know how hungry children are during the day, which varies as they grow and change.
  • Never take someone else's medicine.
  • Bring all medication to the office with written instructions for administration.
  • Avoid use of party balloons and contact with swimming caps and latex gloves.