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Book Week 2018

AHPS  Education Book Week

Term 3 Monday 13 August 2018 to Friday 17 August 2018

The Children's Book Week theme for 2018 is ‘Find Your Treasure'.

This presents a wonderful invitation to children and adults alike to search and discover your next great book. It is a theme and invitation with a world full of possibilities. An incredible story can feel like treasure when it speaks to you and understands the way you think and feel. But not every book is perfect for everyone. Many of us put down just as many books as we finish, but never give up the hunt for the next great read! One of the greatest joys of reading, for kids and adults alike, is the opportunity to escape into another world where you can find your treasure… something tangible or it may be simply the joy of reading!

At Allambie Heights Public School throughout Education Book Week we will be enjoying a variety of activities linked to books and stories: reading, writing, listening, viewing, expressing and experiencing.

Term 3, Week 4 Monday 13 to Friday 17 August

Monday – Students 3 - 6 will be attending a presentation by Mick Elliott, author entertainer, in the hall.

10.00 – 11.00:  4J, 4L, 4G, 5M

11.45 – 12.45: 5Y, 5/6B, 6E, 6H

2.00 – 3.00: 3D, 3C, 3M

Tuesday – Students K - 2 will be attending a presentation by Australian author Louise Park in the hall.

10.00 – 11.00:   Kindergarten

11.45– 12.45:    Year 1

2.00 – 3.00:   Year 2

Wednesday Costume Day: students and staff will attend school dressed in costume as book characters. (Costume details/ideas for classes are being discussed with class teachers and details will be forthcoming from the class teachers, students and in class newsletters.)

12.20 – Open classrooms: parents and family members to visit their child's classroom

1.00 – Lunch: Parents, family members are invited to join their children for lunch in the playground

2.00 - Whole school DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)Students & staff will meet family members out in Playground North to enjoy reading in the sunshine. Everyone will move to find a sunny spot to sit, relaxing & reading silently.

2.20 – Book Week character/costume parade

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  Students will be taking part in a variety of reading, viewing, listening and writing activities.

Book Fair

Monday 13 August 2018 to Friday 17 August 2018

A Book Fair will be set up in the library. Parents, students & friends are invited to come in, browse around and buy a book. You can buy a book for yourself, your child, friends or buy and donate a book back to the school. Books are reasonably priced and supplied by Central Book Suppliers for the week.  As there are no ordering facilities, I encourage parents, family members and students to visit the Book Fair early to avoid disappointment when items are sold out. As lessons and class activities will continue to take place in the library throughout the week, buying is restricted to official buying times to minimise disruptions. Students can come independently & buy during first half of lunchtime.

Book Fair Opening Hours:

Monday 13 Aug

Tuesday 14 Aug


15 Aug


16 August

Friday 17 August

8.30am – 9.00am


3.20pm – 4.30pm


8.30am – 9.00am



(Teacher staff meeting)

Education Book Week Open Day


(1st half lunch)

(Closed during whole school DEAR)

2.45pm – 4.30pm


8.30am – 9.00am


3.20pm – 4.30pm


8.30am – 9.00am


3.20pm – 4.30 pm