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Last updated 9:48 AM on 6 June 2013

School camp is one of the highlights of childhood. Chances are you can still remember some of the campfire songs, the smell of damper cooking and the names of the kids you bunked with.

However, it's also true that for some children (and their parents) the thought of staying away overnight can create a little anxiety. 

It's not uncommon for kids to worry about who they'll room with, ‘being left out' of things, whether something might go wrong, feeling homesick and other understandable concerns.

Even the most outgoing and confident child may have a few moments of separation anxiety as the time to leave gets closer.

Tips for school camp confidence

The process of getting your child off to camp happily will be helped by observing some of these points:

  • talk to your child about how they feel
  • reduce the sense of unknown
  • practise sleepovers
  • practise ‘independence' skills at home
  • prepare, make lists, and pack together
  • keep communication with school staff
  • keep positive.

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