Sport at Allambie



Our school has the following four sport houses:


Fraser - Yellow

Bradman - Red

McKay - Green

Rosewall - Blue


The physical development of our students plays a regular part in the school curriculum. The Personal Development Health & Physical Education syllabus is a Learning Area. The aim of this syllabus is to develop in each student the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives.


Sport as an aspect of this syllabus is an integral part of an individual's development, requiring physical involvement in organised games or activities with an accepted set of rules. Allambie Heights Public School provides an extensive sports program catering for all levels of ability and interest.

Outcomes of the sport program include

  • Participation, enjoyment and skill development of all students.
  • Opportunities for students to gain confidence and to develop a variety of skills in lifelong learning, recreation and sporting activities.
  • Competition opportunities in sport which stimulate and challenge students.
  • Increased social skills through participation in team situations.


Implementation of the sport program

K-6 students participate in weekly Physical Education (PE) lessons. These gross motor activities are designed to increase the child's confidence and skills. Students also participate in minor games which develop social skills in team situations. This parent paid program is currently implemented by specialist PE teachers from SportsPro. Lessons focus on fundamental movement skills, games and sport, gymnastics, athletics track and field skills and cross country running skills. 

  • Year 3 - year 6 students participate in the Friday sports program. Here students participate in a variety of activities designed to provide opportunities to develop skills, interest and enjoyment in a wide range of games and modified sports. Bushwalking and tennis lessons are offered during the Winter terms.
  • Year 3 - year 6 students participate in school swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals & knockout carnivals. The school selects students to compete in Warringah Primary Schools Sports Association (PSSA) Carnivals. There are opportunities for representatives to compete up to national level. Students also have the opportunity to represent our school in a range of sports which may include netball, softball, T-ball, beach volleyball, cricket, soccer, rugby league & rugby union.